Westworld is ready. Here is the official Westworld trailer, we hope you like it.

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Westworld will be releasing this Friday (US) at an unknown time. Also, applications are open!

Click here to go to the landing page for Westworld (where you can also see it’s rules).

Click here to apply to join Westworld in time for release!

Click here to apply to be staff on Westworld (must have applied to join above).

That’s right, Westworld applications are now live and the server will be open to the public THIS FRIDAY (US). Click below to apply today to ensure you get in on the day of release. We got to work on the train, heists and overall final touches to Westworld in preparation for it’s release. Let’s get into it!

Cookies went hard on bringing the beautiful Westworld train to life! Here it is.

This is the first time our train has had an exterior, it makes the whole experience feel that much more immersive.

DucPro made the heists system! Here’s a gif of that.

The heists system is relatively simple. Once you’ve got your hands on some explosives, simply place em on a bank vault door and run! Once you’ve accessed the vault, everyone will be alerted that you’re trying to rob the bank and anyone who enters or attempts to steal from the bank will become part of the heist and will (like you) become wanted! Then it’s your goal to get as much gold and get out of there without being killed before the heist is over. But if you’re NOT robbing the bank, feel free to attempt to kill any escaping outlaws – you can keep what they drop. 🙂

Fishing, gold panning, hunting, horse wrangling, crates and other basic gameplay features we also got working this week. We’ve made them simple and straightforward to begin with. And using your feedback we’ll continue to change and develop them over the coming balance updates following release.

That’s all for this devblog. We hope you liked the official Minecraft Wild West Roleplay Westworld trailer. Very exciting times! I hope you’ll all apply to be whitelisted and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in game. More posts coming this week regarding gameplay mechanics, tutorials and maybe a giveaway? Unsure. We shall see.

Peace! See you all in the park on Friday. 🙂

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