Howdy pardner! Westworld is nearing its release with some interesting new features, mechanics and content. In this blog, we go into the unique animals we’ve implemented to make hunting and exploring far more thrilling. We take a look at the new furniture and home-customization features. And we talk about some of the specifics of combat mechanics and raiding. Read on for our Westworld progress update for March!

Unique Animals

With the three new environments in the map expansion, we’ve had to bring those environments to life with interesting and unique inhabitants. Exploring the new areas (as well as the original desert areas) will now be a slightly different experience to what you’re used to. While exploring Mount Ravenous, a pack of wolves could emerge from within the rocky cliffs. The beautiful Riverstone valley is now home to herds of deer. The world simply feels more alive than ever before, take a look…

A Herd of Deer in Riverstone Valley.
A Pack of Wolves on Mount Ravenous.

Furniture System

As discussed throughout the course of Westworlds’ existence, we’re implementing the originally planned furniture system into the game. This system allows you to freely decorate your homes, bases and camps with furniture in a way that’s completely new to Minecraft. You aren’t limited to block-based placement with this furniture system. Furniture can be placed in the exact pixel and rotation of your choosing – allowing for completely free customization. We’re starting with a small selection of furniture that will be available from stores in each of the major towns. As time goes on and we flesh out this new system, we’ll introduce new furniture with new mechanics and uses. Take a look…

Changes to Combat Mechanics

We have greatly altered the PVP mechanics of Westworld so it’s more of a PVE experience (hence the new mobs and better bandits as seen below). Here are the types of combat interactions players can have with other players…

  • Duels – requires both players to agree to a duel, ends the moment either player deals damage making that player the winner. This is intended for quick-draw style shootouts as the countdown isn’t shown and the fight time is random every duel.
  • Fights – allows players to battle it out until one player is left on half a heart with some painful effects to know they’ve been hurt significantly. Nobody can die from this but it allows players a competitive fighting opportunity with no risks of loss in items – only health.
  • Wanted Players – Wanted players (who become wanted for doing bad things) can kill (or be killed) by anyone. Anyone they kill, goes to the medical ward and doesn’t lose any items. But if a wanted player dies – they drop all their stuff. This is to give players an incentive to be good, but reward them if they pull off being bad (through the use of heists etc).

This is how we are doing it for now, it’s likely we’ll change it based off the feedback we get from the players upon release.

Improved Bandits

Bandits are better in every possible way. They look cooler. They have better loot. And now, they shoot back…

What will be in the next Westworld Progress Update?

We’re working on farming, cooking, discussing changes to the whitelist/application system and doing final touches. Westworld will be ready sooner than you know it. Thanks so much for your patience and loyalty to this server – we really appreciate it.

Watch the Westworld Pariah Update trailer here.

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