That’s right, we’re doing a Westworld competition! Here’s how to enter…

1) Either make a video on the server, create some art or snap a super beautiful screenshot of the map (videos are more likely to win)!

2) Post your video/screenshot/art in the #?comp channel on Discord with your Minecraft username as the message (limit 3 entries per person)!

3) Wait until the next devblog (a week from now) to see if you won, we’ll also be announcing the winners on Discord!

Prizes? You bet! Here’s what you can win!

First place: Westworld Donator Rank, 5x Golden Crates, 4x Iron Crates,1 Month Discord Nitro & a CUSTOM SOULBOUND WEARABLE HAT IN-GAME!

Second place: Westworld Donator Rank, 4x Golden Crates, 2x Iron Crates

Third place: Westworld Donator Rank, 2x Golden Crates, 2x Iron Crates

Here’s some rules regarding competition entries…
– Only accepted whitelisted players can enter.
– Art must be Westworld themed.
– Videos must be linked via a YouTube upload and contain a link to The Spire Network website in it’s description.
– All pictures/videos must be taken on the Westworld server.
– Anything posted in the competition channel on Discord that isn’t an entry will be deleted and you may receive a consequence for non-competition messages posted in the channel.

Get out there and get creating! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! We’ll be doing another Westworld Competition in the future. Appreciate the support folks, more Westworld updates coming soon!

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