Happy new year from The Spire Network! It’s been a while. We hope you’ve had a good Christmas and break – however you spent it. In this blog we’ll talk about the road ahead for The Spire Network as well as progress we’ve made with Westworld and Dungeons of the Spire (DotS).

We have a new website if you couldn’t already tell. We wanted our blogs to be the first thing you see when you come to the website, so that you’re made aware of what’s new straight away. This website is cleaner and a big improvement from the last. We hope you like it!

Westworld Map Expansion

We’ve been overhauling the Westworld map and have added three new regions with entirely different aesthetics as well as opening the gates to Pariah – the outlaw city. The first of the three new regions is The Blue Bayou – a dark and damp Orleans/Louisiana inspired bayou environment. Take a look…

The Blue Bayou

The next is Riverstone, a beautiful green valley known for its hunting, fishing and prospecting!

And lastly is Mount Ravenous. Mt. Ravenous is a desolate Winter “Wonderland” of traveler campsites, military forts and dangerous cannibal caverns. This will be a fun one to explore.

And here is the new map in all its cartographic beauty.

The Westworld Map

The road ahead for Westworld is going to be interesting. We hope to open the server up again very soon. However, there are some crucial features we need to implement before we can allow players to access it once again. Stay tuned.

Dungeons of the Spire

Dungeons of the Spire (or DotS, for short) is our take on your typical party dungeon-crawler game. You and a party of up to four friends will be able to go on an incredible journey through the Dungeons of the Spire. The story dungeons consist of three chapters, with each chapter having five dungeons and each dungeon having its own difficulties. You’ll be able to take on story dungeons and event dungeons to obtain exciting armor and weapons to aide you on your quest. Scoreboards and speed-running will encourage competitiveness among players. The game can also be played and completed solo. We’ve tried to make DotS as immersive as possible, with dynamic sounds, hundreds of 3D models and truly unique features we’ll be sharing with you in future blogs.

Unique Features in DotS

One thing we’ve been working on for DotS is unique 3D modeled boss fights! Each dungeon in DotS will have an original boss fight with unique abilities for you and your party of four to go up against. Here is Captain Bigbeard – a notorious swashbuckling pirate with undead abilities. Our exciting boss fight system complemented by a work-in-progress original soundtrack (composed by Arthur The Last Ancient) will make the entire experience that much more immersive. See below.

Here are just some of the 3D modeled custom hats that can be obtained in Dungeons of the Spire. Some you’ll get as rewards from completing dungeons, others will be obtained by completing tasks or winning competitions.

An array of different cosmetic hats for Dungeons of the Spire

You might be wondering how magic and abilities will work in DotS. We have a mana system and hundreds of unique abilities on a ridiculous amount of weapons you’ll obtain as you progress through the dungeons. Below you’ll find an example of a staff from the Mountains dungeon in chapter one that has two abilities. An AoE damaging ring ability and a snowball mini-gun ability.

The Road Ahead

These blogs will no longer be weekly and they may not all necessarily be to do with game mode developments. Some might be general blogs discussing a certain topic within the community. Some might be competitions, others may be lore or short stories to-do with our different servers. Check the website home page and our Discord frequently to stay updated on what’s new.

If you’d like to support us in paying for the developers, builders, artists and many other creators working to make these incredible servers – consider becoming a Patron! Our Patrons are rewarded with permanent in-game cosmetics and landmarks. Have a custom building made in the Westworld map to your specifications. Or, if you’re wanting a cool weapon or hat cosmetic skin immortalized in Dungeons of the Spire, our best Patreon tier can get you that too!

Also, follow us on Instagram @thespire.network – we put cool sneak peeks there!

We’re excited to share more of what we’re working on in the future. And we’re incredibly grateful for the response and support we get from our loyal community. See you in the next blog!