Network Release Information

The time has come to release The Spire Network once again! This time everything is done entirely in-house and is managed by a highly professional and industry-grade team. We’re more prepared, innovative and driven than ever before. We’ve been excited for network release for months and are thrilled to finally be showing you some of what we’ve been working on. Upon joining the server, you’ll have access to the following games:

  • The Hub (featuring mini-games in The Alps area of the hub)
  • Dungeons of the Spire
  • Creative (featuring all our custom resource-packs for your building pleasure)


The Hub is more than just your average Minecraft server hub, it’s a gamemode in itself! Mini-games can be played from directly within the hub! If you read our previous blog post, you’ll know the hub is made up of four different themed areas that each feature three unique mini-games. Playing these mini-games will reward you with credits which will later be used to buy cosmetics, furniture, capsules, pins and rooms for player housing! Enter the Spire when you’re ready to take a look at Dungeons of the Spire or our very own Creative server.

Dungeons of the Spire (DotS) is a unique dungeon-crawler party game. It features a campaign, unique boss fights, puzzles & parkour. A unique visual overhaul to Minecraft with hundreds of 3D weapons and armor gives the game a retro arcade feel. Party up with up to four friends and take on extreme dungeons in this incredible co-op competitive dungeon-crawler experience. We’ve been working on DotS for just over a year and we’re incredibly proud of it, we hope you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it!


Westworld Information

Westworld is nearing a playable-state and we’re hard at work on it! We plan on releasing Westworld in the coming weeks following the network release. Just a little while longer! Westworld is our most anticipated gamemode and we’re excited to unveil this immersive Wild West roleplay experience. We appreciate your patience and support through the development of these projects.

Westworld Whitelist Applications wont be reviewed until Westworld is open again.

Dungeons of the Spire Official Trailer

This trailer will give you a better look at some of the key features of Dungeons of the Spire – enjoy!

Dungeons of the Spire OST

We were immensely grateful to work with Arthur The Last Ancient on a beautiful chip-tune soundtrack for Dungeons of the Spire. This music brings life to the town, dungeons and areas of the world and immerses the player in the iconic retro-style nostalgic game we’ve tried to create with DotS.

Check out the full Dungeons of the Spire OST (composed by Arthur The Last Ancient) on SoundCloud and Spotify!

Network Release SALE

We’re doing a 40% off Grand Opening Sale on our store to celebrate! All purchases will go into funding the development of the network. Store:

VERSIONS: 1.13-1.15
Make sure you have “resource packs: enabled” in your server list settings!
Turn up Jukebox/Note Blocks in your sound settings!

We hope you enjoy playing on The Spire Network! See you in the game!


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