Two weeks ago we held a Minecraft Baby Yoda meme competition on our Discord (which you should totally join by the way). Baby Yoda memes have blown up since the release of the Mandalorian on Disney+ and we wanted to put a Minecraft spin on it through the form of a competition. There were a bunch of great entries but alas, we could only choose three winners. So here they are…

This entry by Apollo made us feel for all the hungry dogs who had their food eaten due to lack of rent money? We don’t know either, but it made us laugh nonetheless.

– Apollo

This one doesn’t need much explaining, it’s art really. Nothing more to be said.

– Michee

And this one’s just too dang darn cute to not have won. Shewiff Minecraft Baby Yoda gonna lock you up in Sweetwater jail if you don’t pass over the fuit gummy this instant! We mostly just liked the Westworld cameo. Win win win!

– Language

Thanks again everyone for entering the competition, we plan on doing more soon and we truly appreciate the involvement in our community. If you’d like to see some of what we’ve been working on, be sure to read our previous blog post for info on Dungeons of the Spire and the Westworld map expansion!