Dungeons of the Spire (DotS) is a party dungeon crawler server on The Spire Network. This incredible Minecraft RPG server features a fully-fledged campaign, unique 3D modeled boss fights, puzzles & parkour. With a unique visual overhaul, Dungeons of the Spire features hundreds of 3D weapons and armor to give the game an original and classic feel. Partying up, you and four friends can take on compelling and exciting dungeons unlike ever before in Minecraft. This Minecraft dungeon server features highly competitive elements like speed runs and scoreboards to challenge its players.

The Dungeons of the Spire

The world is alive! The expansive and immersive world of Dungeons of the Spire is built by a large team of professional Minecraft builders. Large-scale Minecraft builds and maps make the dungeons imposing and incredibly fun to explore.

Chapter One

The Dungeons of the Spire campaign is made up of three main chapters. Each dungeon has three variations of difficulty to them (easy, medium, hard). The Dungeons in Chapter One include…

The Sewers

The City of Atlantis

The Pirate Caverns

The Jungle

The Mountains

The Event Dungeons

Event Dungeons appear weekly and monthly. Event dungeons can range from unique one-time-only experiences or can appear randomly for certain periods of time. Holiday dungeons such as The Easter Dungeon and The Christmas Dungeon feature creatures and items exclusive to their holiday periods. Players will want to get in quick if they wish to obtain the exotic loot drops these dungeons contain.

The Dungeons of the Spire Original Soundtrack

With an original video game soundtrack composed by Arthur the Last Ancient, this Minecraft dungeon crawler RPG server will truly take you back to the days of old. This game is the ultimate Minecraft arcade experience.

The Dungeons of the Spire OST is available to stream on Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify and most major audio streaming platforms.

The Journey

Inspired by Minecraft servers like Wynncraft and MineScape – this is a highly fun Minecraft party game with high quality elements for people of all ages. It can be played casually or competitively, solo or with friends – the fun is endless. With constant updates, a family friendly and moderated community – DotS is a hit among its players.