Dungeons of the Spire Progress Update – March 21 2020

It’s been a while since we gave you guys an update on the state of our party RPG gamemode Dungeons of the Spire. So in this blog we take a deep-dive (literally) into the Atlantis Dungeon, the Jungle Dungeon, the original soundtrack and some of the mechanics. Here is your March 21st Dungeons of the Spire Progress Update, take a look.

The Jungle Dungeon

The Jungle Dungeon is the second to last dungeon in the first chapter of our core story dungeons. As you navigate your way towards the boss room, you’ll be fighting off hordes of Vipers, Feral Monkeys, Tribal Warriors & Voodoo Masters. As with all dungeons, you’ll be making your way to the final boss room (pictured, it’s that giant tree) where you’ll take on the heart of the jungle itself.

Ruins within The Jungle Dungeon
The Boss Room of The Jungle Dungeon.

The City of Atlantis Dungeon

Beginning your journey into The City of Atlantis Dungeon, you’ll find yourself making your way beneath the ocean surface. You and your party of five will explore the twists, turns and endless hallways of the abandoned and creepy lost City of Atlantis. The original inhabitants of this forgotten civilization were driven out by something. But what? What lurks beneath the the deep below? To find out, you’ll go up against the creatures that have since taken over. Creatures like Atlantian Mages, Knights, Crablings and Klawers.

The Entrance (Dungeon Lobby) to The City of Atlantis Dungeon

Captain Bigbeard Boss Fight

Looking back on the last progress update where we talked about our Pirate Caverns Dungeon Boss – Captain Bigbeard, we noticed he was a little bland. We discussed what unique quirks we could give him that would make him unique (as we have been with all the Dungeon bosses). We ended up giving him a different sword (that you, the player, can obtain from completing the dungeon) as well as giving him a cannon hand. The cannon hand functions too! Occasionally, Captain Bigbeard will stop to shoot multiple cannonballs up into the air, which fall down scattered and have AOE damage. Getting hit by this ability is brutal and will quickly wipe out your party if you’re not being careful.

Captain Bigbeard, boss of The Pirate Caverns Dungeon

Dungeons of the Spire OST Preview

The Dungeons of the Spire OST is finished! We’ll be sharing the full album and track list when the server releases. Our Composer (Arthur the Last Ancient) has been working really hard on this soundtrack and it adds a completely new level of depth to an already incredible game. Here is the final version of The Pirate Caverns dungeon music, composed by Arthur the Last Ancient.

End of Dungeon Roulette

When you defeat the boss of any dungeon and you’re able to progress, you’ll enter a room where all players will be required to stand on the exit platform. Once everyone’s ready and standing on the platform the Dungeon Reward roulette will open up and each player will get one unique weapon/armor piece to help them on their journey. We’ve made a custom GUI for this, this is what it looks like.

Hopefully by the next Dungeons of the Spire Progress Update, we’ll have more game-play of dungeons to show you as well as an official release date for early testing. We have an unbelievable amount of new things in the works that we’re tremendously excited to show you. Thanks for your continued support! We’ll see you in the next progress update.