We’re looking for builders to join us in creating this incredible network. We need creatives of all types! Architects of extreme calibre! Builders of all styles! If that sounds like you – read on.

Builders wanted! We’re looking for Minecraft builders to join The Spire Network team. Working with us is a hoot! You’ll get the opportunity to work on projects unlike Minecraft has ever seen before. Projects like Dungeons of the Spire (our RPG dungeon-crawler party game) and Westworld (our 1800s Wild West experience) and many more! We’re a network specializing in creating unique servers that break the boundaries of what Minecraft is thought to be capable. Our diverse range of themed gamemodes gives you (the builder), the opportunity to work in new creative fields with tools that let you do the impossible. Our Minecraft servers feature unique 3D clutter models that can be placed freely to make your builds feel more alive!

What you’ll be building

Here’s some of what you’ll have the opportunity to work on…

  • Monuments (large scale iconic builds).
  • Dungeons (with different sections and rooms to create randomly generated dungeons).
  • Mini-game Arenas (within our different themed hub areas).
  • Towns, Bandit Camps & Landmarks (on Westworld and our RPG gamemodes for players to explore and fight monsters).

A good builder shouldn’t work for free – and you don’t have to! We’re more than happy to take on volunteers who want to contribute to our beloved servers. However, paid positions are available with The Spire Network.

The benefits of working with The Spire Network

On top of a paid role on our team, we offer you these benefits…

  • A unique workplace environment. We’re super laid-back and are a diverse range of people, young and old! If you’re good at what you do and want to get involved in a team of fun folks who are passionate about creating like you – we’re your team!
  • The Spire Network game benefits. From ranks to unique cosmetics and XP boosts on our more grindy-gamemodes, providing you with these is the least we can do.
  • Training in other creative fields. We’re a team of creative people making extraordinary things – and we hope you are too! With you on the team, we’ll give you insight on how things are done. We’ll share and give tools, methods and training in new creative areas of the Minecraft industry. If you’re looking to move into 3D modelling, texturing or Java Minecraft plugin development – there’ll be someone on our team who’ll be happy to teach you.

Builders wanted, get in touch!

Interested? We’d love to hear from you!

Contact Sixbits on Discord at Sixbits#5449 or send your portfolio through to any of our Admins on our Discord!

We look forward to hearing from you!