Yooo! Sixbits here! This weeks devblog is all about Westworld, while we did do some work on DotS and Conquest – Westworld was the focus of this week. We added playable blackjack tables, implemented the housing system and got to work on jobs. We have some cool stuff to show you. Take a look.

Cookies started the week off by creating new item models for a lot of our new items in Westworld. The explosives and fishing rod are my favorite. Here’s some screenshots!

AsuDev developed our Blackjack system and the visuals/models were put together by Cookies. Yes that is a custom Blackjack GUI in vanilla Minecraft and the mechanics work really nicely. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone sitting around the table in the Saloons with their cards wasting all their money.

Other ways of making money on Westworld consist of, taming and selling horses, gold panning, bank robberies, fishing & hunting and cooking. A lot require you to sell your stock, we also encourage setting up your own shops in towns.

Lots of building being done this week by MrFlimFlammer, Grool and Dasdi. Las Mudas, one of the main towns in Westworld is well underway. Las Mudas is a small Mexican town on the edges of the desert canyon. It’s a quiet town, one you’d retire in or visit to get away from everything. Take a gander.

DucPro, our lead developer for Westworld, fleshed out the housing/lockpicking system.  We’ve cleaned a lot of the core features up. Here’s what renting a house looks like.

Cookies also finished the bigger train carriage interior.

And if you’re wondering how I spent my time working on the server this week, here’s a photo Cookies took of me in a train carriage enjoying my shift the right way!

The creative server is online and should be for good now! Show us what you can do.


Otherwise that’s all for this week. Next weeks devblog will be big and will come with a BIG announcement. I hope you’re ready. See you next week!

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